External Female Urinary Device (EDU)

An external catheter for women that reduces risk of hospital acquired infections and is more comfortable for the patient.

Stainless Steel Patient Specimen Drop Box

Designed to be HIPAA compliant, this innovative patient specimen drop box has two chutes to hold specimen containers while protecting them from patient interference or view.

Available for purchase from MarketLab:

White Drop Box

Stainless Steel Drop Box

Specimen Pass-Through Insert

Suction Supply Receptacle

The Suction Supply Receptacle is designed to better organize suction canisters and their lids. This device allows these items to be more neatly organized and conveniently accessed in a wall-mounted storage device.

Available for purchase from MarketLab.

Pannus Support

Designed to hold the pannus during ultrasound, cath-lab, and other procedures, this innovative support was created to accommodate both patient- and healthcare-professional needs with its comfortable fit and easy-to-use straps. The heavy-duty, seatbelt-style straps attach to beds and tables and are adjustable for a more comfortable, secure fit, while the elastic support stretches easily-to-fit patients. Antimicrobial, fluid-resistant Vestex material adds an extra layer of protection, while the machine washable support is easy to clean after use.

Available for purchase from MarketLab.

Isolation Gown Storage

The Isolation Gown Storage device is similar to an oversized “Kleenex” box and is designed to house the gowns and prevent several gowns from being pulled out at once.

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CoverMax Surgical Cap

Designed with AORN in mind, the CoverMax cap helps prevent microorganisms shedding from the skin and hair of perioperative personnel by drying quickly and keeping hair tucked securely away.